Today, technology is part of the pulse of modern healthcare. Everyone involved in patient care and management—doctors and nurses, technicians and admin staff, and others—depend on technology to communicate with patients, collaborate with colleagues, and comply with the regulations that protect patient privacy and provide data security. That’s your job.

The systems you use need to be as modern as today’s medical technology—they require experienced and knowledgeable architects and engineers to ensure that they’re the best fit for your needs, the smartest investment for your practice or facility, and that they’re implemented carefully, completely and correctly the first time. That’s our job.

ISG and Healthcare

ISG has worked with caregivers, hospitals and admin staff for over 30 years, implementing modern tech infrastructures throughout the Midwest and across the country. Our skills and services are broad and comprehensive—covering every aspect of computing, storage, networking, voice and more. Those technologies include:

  • Comprehensive computing resources: from your laptops to our data centers to the Cloud.
  • Applications that run on those resources: integrating front office, practice management, back office and patient portals into a single unified network.
  • Communications systems: the voice, email, online and social systems that help you keep in touch with both patients and the data about them.
  • Network infrastructure: from courtesy in-office WiFi for patients to the complex mix of routers, firewalls and bandwidth that keeps you in touch with patients and partners.


How We Work with You

Key to our success has always been the people and the process we use to ensure the fastest path to success.

  • You’ll start with a Solution Development Architect and a Professional Services SME who know technology and healthcare. They’ll explore your existing processes, your future goals, and the systems and applications you use to complete them.
  • From those meetings emerge the architecture we’ll propose: a mix of your existing systems that can still work for you and new systems and services that will carry you into the future. We explain it all carefully and patiently, answer all your questions, and establish the metrics by which you’ll measure results.
  • The installation, implementation and test phase is structured to be as non-disruptive as possible—working in non-office hours and never leaving you with a down system.
  • Before we go live, we’ll train your staff to use the applications we’ve installed and we’ll support you round-the-clock on everything from forgotten log ins to the most complex problems.
  • And finally, we’ll take full responsibility for monitoring, managing and updating every aspect of the system we implement for you. We’ll track performance, look for bottlenecks, install service packs and new versions without interrupting your business.

Healthcare Case Studies

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