Like many things in the IT ecosystem, Hybrid IT is defined differently in many circles. For a simplistic definition, Hybrid IT is an approach in which a business provides and manages information technology (IT) resources with a blend of in-house infrastructure, public cloud, and managed services for others.

ISG-hybrid-it-strategyUltimately, Hybrid IT allows for an efficient and cost effective method to access, manage, store, protect and transport business critical data. And, business data is growing exponentially making the cost of building internal data centers for 100% of your business cost prohibitive. Buy the equipment, pay for support and maintenance, pay for the labor to manage/monitor, pay for the security… and start the cycle over again three years later. Not ideal, right? Enter Hybrid IT. 

For some business critical data, managing and housing on-site has clear advantages. However, for more and more data, managing and housing data externally is a far better solution. Enter ISG.


Optimizing how data is accessed and harnessing it to be used in day-to-day business is at the heart of ISG’s Hybrid IT expertise. We help architect how businesses use their data, and ensure their network is optimized to support employees’ day-to-day activities. Whether managing ERP, Billing, HRIS, UC, or CRM platforms, ISG helps businesses identify what applications are most critical and should be maintained internally, and what data can be more cost effectively managed and protected externally or with a managed service. And, we have the advanced network expertise to guide businesses every step of the way.

Because businesses have their own unique DNA, ISG’s Hybrid IT solutions protect against the one-size fits all/many approach that the majority of IT companies rely on. As a premier Hybrid IT solutions company, ISG is positioned to strategically align with businesses to architect a plan for today and into the future.

Our difference is our ability to focus on your long term view.

ISG Technology is a fourth generation family-owned company with roots dating back to 1947. We are the opposite of a box selling, technology-of-the-moment reseller. We are a client-focused, people-first company with a long and successful history of investing in team members, our business and our clients.

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